What to prepare for a travel in Vietnam during the Tet ( new Year festival )

What to prepare for a travel in Vietnam during the Tet ( new Year festival )

If you wish to travel to Vietnam during Tet, there are a big change from the other times of the year. The country is idling due to the Tet holidays that last one or two weeks, this can obviously affect the way to travel in this country.  For Vietnamese, it’s the biggest holiday of the year and the majority returned to their families – What can you expect during this occasion n Vietnam ?


Yes, you will encounter that all  shops are closed  while traveling though this periode in big cities – You can not make shopping any where during 3 first days of New Year ! But it’s not the biggest difficulty that you have –  there is nothing to eat ( alot of restaurants are closed )  during the Tet holiday. So prepare some things before these days


It’s crowded !. Many Vietnamese are returning home during this period and join local families. In Tet days, less traffic in big cities,.


Plan well in advance before your trip a vietnam visa on arrival . Visas on arrival at the airport can be a bit longer to get over this period.


Prices are a bit higher than normal days. Can be twice or even 5 times more expensive ! It will not surprising any one in Vietnam as it’s usual –  But as you are tourist, it’s good to know that before. It’s also harder to negotiate during Tet. ( local people dont negociate during the Tet )


Like transport, hotels are full. Book in advance .

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