Vietnam, discover the country of Dragon

Unique in its history and its desire to regain independence, Vietnam is now an extremely famous for tourists and become one of most preferred destinations in the south east Asia.Vietnam (or Vietnam , or Vietnam , or Vietnam) is located at the Indochina peninsula , bordering Cambodia, Laos in the west and China to the north (Check Vietnam Map ). The most famous sites ares the Mekong Delta and Halong Bay. However, it seems inconceivable to deny the majesty of the mountainous region of northern Vietnam, particularly Sapa, or the island of Phu Quoc, off the coast of the Mekong Delta.

Central Coast

These foreign influences, some imposed , as well as the multi-ethnic character of the Vietnamese people give the country a culture both mixed and singular . The result of this mixture is intended therefore original . It is characterized by a respect for the traditions and religions. Its cuisine is one of the finest and fragrant in Southeast Asia.

Finally, since its reunification in 1975 , Vietnam is constantly evolving . The country is modernizing , prosperous gradually but remains restrained by communism. Similarly, there is a gap between the torpor of mountainous northern and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City.And it goes hand in hand with its dynamism , Vietnam is also open to the world . Tourism develops there without reaching the heights. Also , the country still shows a certain authenticity . There is something rustic in Vietnam, this is probably due to the small number of large cities.In short , Vietnam is not limited to its rice fields, conical hats or its remnants of war ( also not visible ) . Tonkin (North ) to Cochin ( South ) through Annam ( Hue ) , there is much to discover in this country.

From mandarin road that crosses the country from north to south , you can see the sea and the white sand beaches . Mountainous and forested landscapes , karst rocks scenery , exceptional site of Halong Bay with more than 3000 islands emerging from the Gulf of Tonkin, the vast mangrove in the Mekong Delta , Vietnam deploys from north to south beautiful scenery. It’s ideal place to enjoy a tour for relaxation and a adventure land for Vietnam trekkingtour in the middle of jungle, see our lastest article about Vietnam How to travel like a superstar in Vietnam… on a budget.

Vietnam is rich in a very long history that has provided architectural wonders inherited from antiquity and provides a high fashioned multiple legacies that have been reinterpreted in a unique fusion. Marked by large tears of the world in the twentieth century , Vietnam is the country’s memory , where battlefields devastated by unprecedented violence , memory and recollection demand today .

Visit Vietnam today , it’s an unique experience : A very old world must deal with new constraints. However, the country remains true to himself, without losing nothing of its inner rhythm .

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