Ho Chi Minh City, must see in South of Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is located on the banks of the Saigon River. Throned near the Mekong Delta, this city is the metropolis of the country. The architecture and lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh City is the reconciliation between the French and American influence, with many points of modernity without losing the historical features of the Vietnamese people.

The Reunification Palace is definitely a good place to visit for its importance of the Vietnam War If the building does not impress you enough, rest assured that museums are abound and admission fees are generally low. These are the most popular places in the eyes of visitors: Ho Chi Minh Museum, Revolution Museum, and Museum of Vietnamese History.

If you are tired of talking about the past and want to know more now, perhaps District 1 the best way to discover a vibrant and booming economy . Streets and boulevards are lined with tall conifers and you can easily walk around with a map. Here you will see men on foot and dressed like those of Wall Street, in the midst of women wearing conical hats and drink in the street. There are some notable sites such as the position of the city, the Notre-Dame Cathedral and the Ben Thanh Market.

It might be a relief to know that some of Ho Chi Minh City is also considered as the best place in Vietnam for entertainment. The three major theme parks: Dam Sen, Suoi Tien , Dai Nam are the three complexes with zoos, landscapes, water, and water features – well equipped for a family trip. There is no Disneyland in Vietnam, but these complexes do their job: they replace Andersen stories of fairy tales with the popular Vietnamese tales. You play and have fun while learning about a different culture and traditions.


If Ho Chi Minh has things to win the rivalry against Hanoi is the colorful nightlife. The bars are open late and vary in style. Adding to that, Ho Chi Minh City has many tea houses which hosts live music performances of Vietnamese and international artists. For a change, you can also go local for a night or two, hop into one of the street food stalls, order a drink and toasted peanuts and talk until midnight.

With his back on a vast plain that stretches west across Cambodia, with the rich Mekong Delta at his feet, Ho Chi Minh City is located in a majestic giant shift in the Sai Gon River.

Bulging with a population of nearly seven million, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest and most exciting city in Vietnam. While Hanoi is the center of government, Ho Chi Minh City is the economic heart of the nation. Money is a constant idea in the minds of all. Taxi drivers can recite the latest regulations of the joint venture, and even shirt makers remain in contact with their foreign customers by email. Time is precious, and people are in a hurry, although conversation often takes a small town tone as bakers and bankers compare their ‘information’ ‘inside’ the café terraces. .

The best way to see everything Ho Chi Minh City is to walk. Most major sights are in District 1, which is quite compact and easy to maneuver. Taxis are metered and very cheap. You can get around the city for about $ 2 or $ 3. Motorcycle taxis (xe om) are even cheaper. The “xich lo” (pedicab) carry one passenger at a time. They are slow and somewhat uncomfortable, even more intimate and charming to discover the rhythm of modern Ho Chi Minh City. Unfortunately, they are gradually ousted central Saigon by traffic.

Visa for Vietnam

Most nationalities need a visa to visit Ho Chi Minh City, read the page Visa Vietnam à l’arrivée – Vietnam visa on arrival for more information. An increasingly popular alternative is to get a visa on arrival, which is convenient for those who live far from an embassy or do not have time to send their passport by mail.All travel to this enigmatic city is rewarding and can not be ignored. Staying long enough, it may eventually reveal its mysteries.

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