I had high expectations for Sopot. I’ve been to the Baltic before (in crappy Swedish weather, no-less) and loved it. I love being near the water, and I’m not one of those snotty travelers who thinks every trip has to have some kind of deep and life-altering effect on me (sometimes empty-headed relaxation is just what the doctor ordered), so hanging out in a Polish resort town should have been a really pleasant experience.

But I just couldn’t get into it.


It’s probably not be Sopot’s fault though. The weather was awful. We were tired. On top of that, everything was pretty much closed down for the season, leaving the town feeling deserted and cold. We spent most of our time there eating pierogi and reading, but we did manage to snap a few deceptively sunny photographs before the sky opened up and washed away my vacation dreams (rain makes me a little melodramatic).

The lesson in all of this: Go to Sopot in the summer. Because you might actually get the chance to enjoy it.

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