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Okay I’m not really saying anyone is clueless, but if you just have no idea where you want to eat when you visit Disney the next time, here are some Disney World dining tips.

First of all, you may read a lot of articles telling you to save money pack a lunch in your backpack and nonsense like that. I say, don’t do things like that. You are on vacation, or at least you are having a mini holiday! For goodness sake, do not pack a lunch. Now, if you have an army of kids with you and you want to pack some snacks, sure, go ahead. But it really is a lot more fun if you eat in a restaurant even if it’s just a walk-up counter restaurant.

So anyway, your best bet for an interesting/good restaurant will be Epcot since you can choose the country and type of food you want to eat. Five years ago I would have said all the restaurants there were really good, and a few years earlier I would have highly recommended Italy. I had a superb meal there once before they change over to the new place they have now. But still, you can find some good eats there. Canada for example has a great steakhouse called Le Cellier. Bistro De Paris in France is well regarded but I have not tried it. I never thought I would like French food but after seeing Julie and Julia (or vice versa?) I had to re-think that attitude since it seems French food is American food with lots of butter. I happen to love butter.

Does anyone like those turkey legs they sell at Disney? The first time I saw someone carrying one around I thought they had an ice cream cone. Then I glanced over again and realized it was a turkey leg. They just do not look appealing to me. I don’t know.

There are a couple of walk-up counter service places I really like. One is Cosmic Ray’s over at the Magic Kingdom in Tomorrowland. I like it because the chicken is really good. I have actually never tried anything else. Yes, I am one of those people who, when I find something I like, I refuse to eat anything else. Well rarely do I switch. And I love the chicken there. You probably won’t think you are eating at Bobby Flay’s restaurant or anything like that but for the type of eatery this is, it’s pretty good, and you can also watch the robotic/animatronic Ray guy who will sing for you. Or…I don’t think he is a guy. I don’t really remember what he is. He sings and I think he plays the piano. But no matter, it’s cool, the air conditioner is running, and you can take a siesta from the heat.

The other counter place I love is over in Epcot, the Yorkshire County Fish Shop at the United Kingdom. Very good fish and chips there. I don’t even bother with the sit-down restaurants over in Epcot because I like this place so much. And I don’t even think they have anything else on the menu other than fish and chips so you won’t have to spend time perusing the menu and deciding what to have.

If you venture over to the resorts, there are lots more choices. Over at the Grand Floridian there are several really good restaurants to choose from including Narcoossee’s which is a seafood place, Citricos (Mediterranean), and Grand Floridan Cafe, American,  a great place for a weekend getaways for couples. You won’t go wrong with either of these three. At Fort Wilderness you will find the Trail’s End which has American food which is quite good. It’s a buffet at the moment and the food is simply, hearty, and good.

Of course that is just a tip of the iceberg when you start to discuss Disney World dining. But do try some of the restaurants and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

If you want some tips to save money on your next Disney World trip, check out this Disney savings guide. It was written by a former employee.

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Unique in its history and its desire to regain independence, Vietnam is now an extremely famous for tourists and become one of most preferred destinations in the south east Asia.Vietnam (or Vietnam , or Vietnam , or Vietnam) is located at the Indochina peninsula , bordering Cambodia, Laos in the west and China to the north (Check Vietnam Map ). The most famous sites ares the Mekong Delta and Halong Bay. However, it seems inconceivable to deny the majesty of the mountainous region of northern Vietnam, particularly Sapa, or the island of Phu Quoc, off the coast of the Mekong Delta.

Central Coast

These foreign influences, some imposed , as well as the multi-ethnic character of the Vietnamese people give the country a culture both mixed and singular . The result of this mixture is intended therefore original . It is characterized by a respect for the traditions and religions. Its cuisine is one of the finest and fragrant in Southeast Asia.

Finally, since its reunification in 1975 , Vietnam is constantly evolving . The country is modernizing , prosperous gradually but remains restrained by communism. Similarly, there is a gap between the torpor of mountainous northern and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City.And it goes hand in hand with its dynamism , Vietnam is also open to the world . Tourism develops there without reaching the heights. Also , the country still shows a certain authenticity . There is something rustic in Vietnam, this is probably due to the small number of large cities.In short , Vietnam is not limited to its rice fields, conical hats or its remnants of war ( also not visible ) . Tonkin (North ) to Cochin ( South ) through Annam ( Hue ) , there is much to discover in this country.

From mandarin road that crosses the country from north to south , you can see the sea and the white sand beaches . Mountainous and forested landscapes , karst rocks scenery , exceptional site of Halong Bay with more than 3000 islands emerging from the Gulf of Tonkin, the vast mangrove in the Mekong Delta , Vietnam deploys from north to south beautiful scenery. It’s ideal place to enjoy a tour for relaxation and a adventure land for Vietnam trekkingtour in the middle of jungle, see our lastest article about Vietnam How to travel like a superstar in Vietnam… on a budget.

Vietnam is rich in a very long history that has provided architectural wonders inherited from antiquity and provides a high fashioned multiple legacies that have been reinterpreted in a unique fusion. Marked by large tears of the world in the twentieth century , Vietnam is the country’s memory , where battlefields devastated by unprecedented violence , memory and recollection demand today .

Visit Vietnam today , it’s an unique experience : A very old world must deal with new constraints. However, the country remains true to himself, without losing nothing of its inner rhythm .

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How to travel like a boss on a budget in Vietnam

Have you ever wished that you could live the lifestyle of the rich and famous? Being able to visit the most sumptuous locales and enjoy the best facilities the Vietnam has to offer?

How to travel on a budget in Vietnam

How to travel on a budget in Vietnam

Well, pretty much everyone wishes they could be Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for a day, but unfortunately, most of us don’t have the means to enjoy the jet set lifestyle. However, there are some ways that you enjoy a superstar holiday in Vietnam, but at a fraction of the price.

Most people associate private jets and charter flights with superstars and the jet set lifestyle. But did you know that it was actually possible for people like you and me to enjoy the benefits of a private flight at a reasonable cost? Prices on charter flights may vary between 800$ and 5000$ per hour, so depending on the quality and distance of the flight, it might actually be a good deal.

The secret is to book as a group instead of an individual. At the end of the day, if you live on the west coast and you wish to book a charter flight to a popular destination like Hanoi or Hochiminh City per instance, you could save tons of money if you book a group of 10 and more for the flight.

Since it is not a long distance and that you’ll be dividing the cost 10 ways, you could actually end up paying less than a regular flight without having to go through all the inconveniences of commercial airlines. That means no noisy passengers, no kids, and complete freedom and privacy for you and your group.

Here’s a nice tip to save money on your next flight and bypass baggage claim all together.  Lots of people make the mistake of bringing too much luggage with them. That makes the screening process that much more exhausting and inconvenient. But did you know that if you limit your luggage to one carry one bag only, you can save money on the checked baggage fee which will allow you to spend more on your trip?

Remember, the internet is your friend when it comes to finding hot deals on various amenities. A lot of people think that sites like voyagevietnam.co or Priceline are a waste of time and that you’ll end up in a subpar room in the middle of nowhere. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You can sometimes find gems on these sites, so don’t overlook them next time you’re booking a flight or hotel room.

Superstar travels on a budget are possible if you know how to go about it. Consider booking a charter flight with a group of your friends, visit local travel agency site such as voyage vietnam to find deals and pack light if you want to save on baggage claim. This way, you should be able to enjoy 5 star travel in Vietnam with 3 star money.

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The Importance of Getting Travel Medical Insurance

The Importance of Getting Travel Medical Insurance

There are certain things when it comes to traveling, which are extremely important to utilize. One of these things is to get proper travel medical insurance before embarking on a vacation or business trip. Out of everything from booking the right hotel to making sure that you have the right travel planner, getting this insurance is the greatest in importance. This is because your life could very much depend on whether or not you have the right policy, and here is why.

Many travelers do not realize that healthcare in other countries are much different than in their home country. Indeed, many countries such as America and Australia have very good healthcare services and systems in place. However, this certainly isn’t the case in many third and second world countries. Even certain first world countries have staggeringly bad health care services, especially for foreigners. This is why it is a must that you have this when going traveling.

One of the main reasons is of course, the cost. Even in first world countries which have very highly advanced healthcare systems, without proper travel medical insurance, you are going to have to pay up the roof if you wish to be treated. Simple and common things such as coming down with a stomach bug during a vacation could potentially cost thousands without having the right insurance. Some countries will not treat foreigners who do not have it.

However, paying large amounts of money for mundane medical services would be the least of your worries if you were to become seriously injured or sick during your travels. In very serious and life threatening situations, certain countries will outright refuse to treat a foreigner if they do not have the proper insurance that they need. This certainly means the difference between life and death in some countries, as the wealthy are treated well while the value of life on the poor is nonexistent. In addition, you will not be able to return home to get proper treatment in such a circumstance without medical insurance.

With these two situations, it is very easy to see why you need the insurance. It is such an important thing to have during any type of traveling. It is something that is quite inexpensive when you look at the potential for it to save your life under certain circumstances. Even being able to see a doctor thanks to this insurance, even for minor to moderate incidences such as an infection could make the difference of having your vacation be slightly affected to having it outright ruined.

This is offered by hundreds of different companies in America. Almost all of the plans offered are relatively inexpensive and offer an entire range of benefits if you were to become sick or injured in a foreign country, whether it be a simple cold or a car accident.

You never know what will happen when traveling abroad, so it’s always important to have peace of mind knowing that if something does happen, you will be looked after. If you haven’t already, make sure that you go out and get yourself some quality insurance before the next time you go traveling.

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